Music Therapy at Von Voigtlander Women's Hospital

What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is an allied health profession that uses music to provide additional support based on an individual’s needs. Musical interventions are facilitated by a board-certified music therapist and address common goal areas including (but not limited to): stress management, self-expression, pain reduction, mood enhancement, bonding and relaxation. No musical background is necessary to benefit from music therapy services during your pregnancy.

What Can Music Therapy Do For You?

  • Provide bonding opportunities with your baby and/or partner
  • Reduce stress levels to promote healthy fetal development and maternal well-being
  • Ease parental anxiety regarding pregnancy, childbirth and child development
  • Facilitate early language development
  • Promote a safe auditory environment

What Music Therapy Options Are Available?

Bedside Music Therapy Sessions

  • Active music making: Music Therapist will provide instruments and facilitate opportunities to play and/or learn how to play requested instrument.
  • Receptive music listening: Music Therapist will perform patient-preferred music at the bedside utilizing acoustic guitar and voice.
  • Songwriting: Music Therapist will work alongside of the patient to create and record original/rewritten lyrics and melody.
  • Guided relaxation: Music Therapist will perform live music in addition to a guided imagery script.

Group Music Therapy Sessions

  • Musical melodies – TBA
    Virtual or in-person group for Von Voigtlander patients to vote, request and listen to live performances of submitted songs.
  • Lyrical lullabies – TBA
    Virtual or in-person group for antenatal patients to teach appropriate delivery of common lullabies based on infant's developmental age.
  • You and me – TBA
    Virtual or in-person group for postpartum patients to interact with their infants through music to promote bonding and attachment.
  • Super sibs – TBA
    Virtual or in-person group for siblings to learn appropriate interactions with infants.

Meet Your Music Therapist

Emma Wymer, MT-BC (she/her/hers)

Emma has been a board-certified Music Therapist for four years. She started her career working on an NIH-funded study with the pediatric population at Riley’s Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis and our own C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. She is passionate about empowering women and supporting families during important transitional periods within their lives. Emma attended Western Michigan University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy. She also completed specialized training to provide music therapy services to neonates.

How Do I Contact My Music Therapist?

To explore our Music Therapy options, please email Emma Wymer at If you’re interested in a Bedside Music Therapy session, be sure to include your room number in the email so Emma knows where to find you. If you’re interested in a Group Music Therapy session, be sure to request the Zoom link for the session in the email.