High-Risk Pregnancy

At University of Michigan Health, the Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) Division provides the full complement of clinical and consultative services, from pre-conception to postpartum, for high-risk pregnant patients and their unborn babies. Our women’s and children’s hospitals are under the same roof, which allows us to seamlessly transition care after birth to our Level IV NICU and world-class pediatric subspecialists. We also partner with referring providers in consultation to support providers and patients safely through pregnancy while staying closer to home.

At U-M, we pride ourselves on the motto: “The team, the team, the team.” We have a whole team approach to your care, including MFM physicians, sonographers, nurse coordinators, certified nurse midwives, genetic counselors, social workers and any other team members your pregnancy might require.

High-Risk Pregnancy Conditions

Our team of specialists can manage any complication of pregnancy including:

Inpatient obstetrics

Our Birth Center (inpatient labor and delivery) is led by maternal-fetal medicine physicians collaboratively with other obstetric and midwifery leaders to ensure that both anticipated and unanticipated complications can be safely managed. Our MFM team manages any inpatient antepartum hospitalizations and maternal transports from across the state of Michigan and the region. We have a multidisciplinary team of MFM physicians and obstetrical anesthesia specialists to care for the complex needs of any inpatient laboring, antepartum or postpartum patient.  

Obstetric imaging and fetal surgery program

Our Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center (FDTC) provides all obstetric imaging from routine pregnancy dating and anatomic surveys to imaging and procedures for complex fetal anomalies. The FDTC provides a multidisciplinary team of MFM specialists, pediatric surgeons, genetic counselors, and neonatal specialists who collaborate to manage all fetal anomalies from diagnosis, through pregnancy, delivery and into the newborn period. Our team performs in utero fetal interventions including meningomyelocele (spina bifida) repair, interventions for complex multiple gestations, intrauterine transfusions, cardiac interventions, and any other fetal procedure that may benefit you or your baby. We also perform the full range of genetic testing for pregnancy as well as genetic counseling.

Outpatient obstetrics

Our team performs a full spectrum of obstetric care for any high-risk maternal or fetal pregnancy need.  We provide all care from pre-conception pregnancy planning to pregnancy management to postpartum care. Specifically, our team performs everything from full management of pregnancy care to co-management (sharing care with your primary obstetrician) to one-time consultative care. We have dedicated specialty clinics staffed by MFM providers and other specialty care providers to prove an “all in one place” multidisciplinary team-based care model for common complications of pregnancy. Our specialty clinics include:

Obstetric research

To be leaders in cutting-edge obstetric and maternal care, our faculty prides itself on active and diverse research agendas, actively pursuing scientific investigations to make pregnancy safer for pregnant parents and babies. Our faculty has funding through the NIH and philanthropic foundations to perform innovative research on prediction and prevention of preterm birth, pharmacodynamics, neonatal opiate withdrawal syndrome, hypertensive disease of pregnancy and other topics to continue to improve our understanding of pregnancy complications.

Educating future obstetricians

Our team trains the next generation of MFM and obstetric leaders by teaching medical students, residents and fellows.

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