Genetic Testing in Pregnancy

Your initial prenatal appointments with your childbirth provider will be filled with lots of questions and answers. Genetic testing will be one major topic you will discuss. 

Our video library was created to provide an introduction to prenatal genetic testing. A general understanding of your testing options will help you prepare for a meaningful conversation with your prenatal care provider, so you can make informed decisions about your pregnancy.

Prenatal Testing as an Option

Screening in Pregnancy

Diagnostic Testing in Pregnancy


If you are considering screening or testing, it may be helpful to contact your insurance company or the laboratory to inquire about your out of pocket expenses.  Insurance coverage for prenatal testing is not guaranteed. Learn more about insurance coverage for genetic testing in pregnancy.


If you have questions about genetic testing in pregnancy, please discuss them with your prenatal care provider. 

You can also contact a genetic counselor at U-M’s Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center at 734-763-6295.