Family Planning

If you are not ready to start a family, the Family Planning Clinic at University of Michigan Health can help you, especially if you have a chronic or complex medical condition.

We offer our patients the following services: 

  • All forms of contraception other than vasectomy, including for patients with chronic medical diseases or medical conditions that make choosing the right contraceptive method more complex

  • Treatment for patients who have had a miscarriage, including expectant (“watchful waiting”) management, treatment with medications for abortion, or in-clinic and operating room uterine aspiration (“D+C”) procedures

  • Pregnancy options counseling, including for patients with underlying medical issues or couples dealing with abnormal, unexpected or undesired pregnancies

  • Pregnancy termination (with medications and with surgical procedures) up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. Many of the patients we see for abortion care at U-M Health are diagnosed with a problem in their pregnancy, including fetal genetic or other diagnoses; experience complications that make ongoing pregnancy and giving birth dangerous; or have a serious underlying medical issue that requires hospital-level care. We may also be able to offer first trimester medication abortion in some of our outpatient clinics. For other abortion care services, you can arrange to be seen at a range of local abortion care centers including Planned Parenthood of Michigan’s Ann Arbor Health Center and Northland Family Planning. At both sites, we have U-M Health OB-GYN faculty and/or residents and fellows who provide care. Planned Parenthood of Michigan also has many other health centers across the state that can assist if you are seeking in-clinic and medication abortion care, including telemedicine medication abortion for some eligible patients.

Our U-M Health team is specially trained to provide reproductive health services to patients with underlying medical conditions, including serious ones. We also can help patients determine if they may qualify for funding support for family planning services.

Michigan Medicine remains dedicated to providing our patients, families and communities with specialized lifesaving and lifechanging reproductive health care, including abortion.

In the months since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, our patients faced uncertainty about whether they would be able to continue to turn to University of Michigan Health for all of their reproductive healthcare needs. With the passage of Proposal 3 we can now assure all people who need our services that we will be there for them.

Patient safety and wellbeing are and remain our highest priorities, and we are devoted to providing high-quality, safe and compassionate care across all reproductive health needs.