Family Planning

Whether or not you are ready to start a family, the Family Planning Clinic at the University of Michigan can make sure you are prepared, especially if you have a medical issue.

We offer our patients the following services:

  • Providing most forms of contraception, particularly for women with chronic medical diseases
  • Performing sterilization procedures requiring no incision
  • Treatment for women who have miscarried, including in-office uterine evacuation or D & C.
  • Pregnancy options counseling for people with underlying medical issues

A dedicated family planning clinic is not commonplace at medical centers around the country. Our physicians are specially trained to provide reproductive health services to patients with underlying medical conditions, including diabetes and lupus. We also have the ability to offer procedures that require sedation, which would normally have to be done in an operating room, such as uterine evacuation.

In addition, we can provide abortion services for women with medical diseases that prevent them from utilizing Planned Parenthood. We will also help patients determine if they qualify for funding for family planning services.