Cardio-Obstetrics Program

For heart health in pregnancy

Dr. Melinda Davis examining a patient

Pregnancy can be a time of excitement and uncertainty. For women with cardiac conditions, health issues can overwhelm other concerns. At Michigan Medicine, our Cardio-Obstetrics team works with women to create personal plans for care during pregnancy, labor and birth, and during the postpartum period. Our team of maternal-fetal medicine specialists, cardiologists, congenital heart disease specialists, anesthesiologists, obstetric pharmacists, and nursing specialists take a team-based approach to help women achieve their optimal birth outcomes.

Pre-Existing Cardiovascular Conditions

We care for women who enter pregnancy with many types of heart disease:

Cardiovascular Conditions That Develop During Pregnancy

We also care for women who develop heart disease during pregnancy including:


At Michigan Medicine, we are always working to learn how to provide women and their families with the best care possible. We are currently enrolling women with heart disease in our Biorepository for Understanding Maternal and Pediatric health (BUMP) cohort. We are also working with colleagues across the institution to better understand how hypertensive disorders of pregnancy develop and affect women during delivery and over their lifetimes.

Why Choose Cardio-Obstetrics at Michigan Medicine

At Michigan Medicine, we bring together experts from across disciplines to provide the best care for you during your pregnancy. For some women, that will mean consultation with our experts to allow for care closer to home and for others that will involve in-person care by our multidisciplinary care team to help you have the best possible outcome for you and your pregnancy.

For high-risk patients, Michigan Medicine can provide women with state-of-the-art care at the Frankel Cardiovascular Center, and newborns with heart problems can be treated in the Congenital Heart Program. This care is all coordinated through Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital whose obstetricians, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, obstetric and cardiac anesthesiologists, nurses and pharmacists all work together to care for you and your family.

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment with our Cardio-Obstetrics team, contact Obstetrics and Gynecology at Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital at 734-763-6295.